Shopping Guide

1. Registrasi dan Log in

a. If you don't have an account, sign up and fill in according to Rayspeed's provisions
b. If you already have an account then log in to continue shopping.

2. Shopping

a.Select the desired product
b.Contact the seller to ask about related products via the "Contact Seller" button. Users are directly directed to the seller's whatsapp URL
c. If you have selected the desired product and quantity, the user can add the product by clicking the "add to cart" button.
d.User can checkout to make payment

3. Pay

a. Fill in the form in accordance with the provisions and actual data, avoid writing errors in filling out the form
b. If it is correct and make sure to do "Proceed Payment" do a double check to make sure that the form is filled in correctly.
c. When "Proceed Payment" it will be forwarded to the MidTrans Payment Gateway page
d. Make payments according to the terms of MiTrans
e. If you have paid but the seller has problems and has to cancel the order, then the refund process will be carried out according to Rayspeed's Refund Order Policy

4. Delivery

a. If you have made a payment, the user will be notified via email regarding the product purchased, the notification has 3 parts, namely " Order received ", "Product is being packed", "Product is being sent to Rayspeed"
b. If the product has arrived at Rayspeed, the user will receive a new notification in the form of an AirWayBill (AWB) which is useful for tracking the product.
c. Users can do tracking on the " Tracking " page by clicking the "Track" icon in the Navigation Bar (Icon next to the Cart/Shopping Bag Icon)
d. To do "Tracking" can be done when the condition of the account is logged in or not, only need to enter the AirWayBill number that has been sent via email then click "Track"
e. The product route timeline will be displayed.

5. Product accepted

a. If the product has been received the user must confirm by clicking the "Order Accepted" button in the "Tracking" section with the condition that the account has been logged in
b. If there is a discrepancy in the order (the number of products does not match the order or damage to the product) the user can make a claim against the order in accordance with the Policy determined by Rayspeed